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Update: 3/5/06
ibBox Ad (Top Dollar) Size - 300X250
How to Start:
1. Signup PTP
2. Creat your web page.
3. Place your PTP ad code on your web.
4. Register a web host service and host your web.
5. Signup some good Auto/ Manual surf sites.
6. Promote your web page with PTP ads at those surfs.

Welcome to my PTP page!

PTP (get Paid To Promote) is a GREAT and EASY way to make money online. Such programs are also reffered as CPM programs (CPM - Cost Per thousand Impression, M stand for 1000).You get paid per Ad Impression, i.e your ads are shown by visitor. The visitor don't even need to click on ad. Impression count and CPM rate varies from program to program.

Paid-To-Promote is one of the BEST ptp sites.It has very high CPM rate and many ptp ads (ref links, banner, layer, ...). Click here for reference. You can find on this page all needed info to work with P-T-P (Ad types from P-T-P, Creat and Host your web, Join good Auto/ Manual surf sites). Here are steps to work with P-T-P.

Click Here to join for FREE or click the links below:

Recomended PTP sites
/ CPM rate (cents)/ Min. Payout:

StormOfCash ...... 20 cents ........... $0.02 payout via EG/PP/SP
Paid-To-Promote . Reference here... $5.0 (EG/PP)

(Remarks: EG: E-Gold, IG: IntGold, PP: PayPal, SP: StormPay, MO: Money Order)

Check for
Got Paid Proofs

Sites above, except Paid-To-Promote, are known as PTRs (PTR = Paid To Read email/ad). They have PTP and PTC (PTC = Paid To Click on ad) sections. With PTP section, you just need promote your referral page (in your member area) which may look like this:

You earn cash by either reading/ clicking or promoting ptp/ref links.

Happy surfing,
Your honest online fellow.

Join some Traffic Exchange sites -> Promote PTP ads -> Site back and see your erning grow. WOW ! GREAT!

Tip and Advise:

1- Place your PTP ads on your web page. Place some PTP ads on a page to increase your eaning (chose ad combination correct and avoid violate theTerm: no ad type is placed MORE than once ).

2- Join the top Traffic Exchange programs HERE (regulary updated). Promote your web with PTP ads at these  programs. Remember to promote 3-5 links (your PTP page link and some Traffic Exchange ref links) per prog. to gain most effective "unique hits".

3- Use Crazy Browser (or any Internet Browser you like) to run ALL Traffic Exchange programs with your PTP ads at the same time.

Important: The more English-Traffic your ads get the quicker you earn.

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Non-Search GPTRs
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Ad Types from Paid-To-Promote
Ad Types Cents CPM More Info
Promotion Codes (Ref links)
Promotion Page No Layer Ads 20 Those are referral links. If don't have web site, promote your ref links. Click any link in the left to join Paid-To-Promote.
Promotion Page Plus Layer Ads 50
Promotion Page Plus Popups N/A
Advertising Page (Doono Page) 200  
Publisher Codes! 
Banner (Average Rate) Size - 468x60 20 See the TOP banner.
Must be 100% viewable @ 800x600 screen resolution.
Sky Scraper (Average Rate) Size - 120x600 20 Must be at least 40% viewable @ 800x600 screen resolution.
Wide Sky (Average Rate) Size - 160x600 20 Must be at least 40% viewable @ 800x600 screen resolution.
ibBox Ad (Top Dollar) Size - 300x250 25 Must be 100% viewable @ 800x600 screen resolution
Layer Ad (Hot Rate) Size - Changes 70  
Leader Board (Average Rate) Size - 728x90 20 Must be 100% viewable @ 800x600 screen resolution

Placing ad code of each type more than once on a page
is NOT allowed !
All these ads are allowed to place on a page (but they may slowdown ur site)


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